Open To Create… grows our own creative business practice, range of creative coaching & mentoring workshops and scope through collaborating with an awesome & expanding network of Associates.

Thanks to the input, ideas and drive of those listed below we are excited to be able to launch new workshops and work with a wider range of clients.


Martin is a classically trained actor, successful director, screen play writer, playwright and published author via Louder Than War & The Soho Journal. He brings over 25 years sales and marketing experience gained from the shop floor up to the pinnacle of luxury brand retail experience in Saville Row. He works with Open To Create… to co-design and deliver our 3×3 Creative Business Nuts & Bolts workshops and whips us into shape at Open To Create… HQ with business systems, office management and lots of food for thought over tea & biscuits!

He tweets under the name of @beatgenprod


Penny Stanford – is an artist/educator specialising in print and book art.

Penny Stanford co-developed our Ignite Your Creativity Retreat and ran an amazing paper folding and book making workshop. The workshop enabled a group of 10 women to make their first hand made book which was used throughout the 3 day creative retreat as a ‘treasure map-book’ to navigate, record and collect experiences, ideas and moments from the time away.

Penny is part of the Fold Four artist book makers and printer collective who regularly show their work at book fairs around the United Kingdom – check them out

“Amazingly clear in demonstrating what we were about to create. Warm, cheerful, fun.

“I feel the book is a treasure I will always keep.” Suke Driver, Cafe Create


a copywriter and coach who asks questions that change the way creative individuals & businesses see themselves and what they have to offer.

Ansal Trafford is the ultimate in creative collaborators given his wealth of experience across the arts, design, freelance, SME, personal development and Higher Education sectors. He is an artist who gently steers the direction of any project we have collaborated on. Ansal’s creative talents, patience and supportive coaching style are responsible for our sales brochures for Open To Create… and we loved working with him and know you will too.

Find out more via his LinkedIn page

Working with Ansal is easy, flowing and a real collaboration. He understood the 360 degree nature of working with me



Alison Seddon – specialist in forum theatre based workshops for a range of clients

Alison Seddon is an experienced and dynamic coach and facilitator, with strong communication skills and a warm, direct style. She combines business understanding with her training as an actor and drama therapist to bring a fresh, creative approach to the training room. She has 12 years experience working across all corporate sectors, with deep experience in financial services, engaging with groups and individuals at all levels, whether first line managers or senior executives.

Alison’s clients include: Barclays, EY, KPMG, Deutsche Bank, BP, British Council, Kings College London, AON, Centrica, M&S.

“Working with Alison is a real treat, she is insightful, light yet spot on with her delivery

to get the most out of the group. She brings in lots of practical ways of learning and her sessions are

lot of fun.”

“The successful networkers I know continually put the other person’s needs ahead of their own.”

Bob Burg

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